A little about me, Jean

I live in Berkeley with my partner Naveed and my two kids who are 7 and 10 years-old. I co-parent with their dad, so they are with me half the time. In my “spare time,” I like to write, hang out with friends, cook, eat food, and play ultimate frisbee.

I’m a writer, an engineering leader at an early-stage startup, a leadership coach, a mom, a wife, and so much more.

What you can expect from Tech and Tea

For a long time, I’ve felt in tension about where to publish my writing. I make up that certain people follow me because they want to hear my thoughts on engineering leadership, but not about life or parenting. But having to constantly decide where to write, when my writing often bleeds between the different important parts of my life, can be paralyzing, and then I end up not writing. And I love writing.

So this is the space for all of it, what it’s like navigating all of the messiness of life, partnership, and parenting, while also building a career in tech. It’s all life. You can roughly expect:

  • Engineering leadership thoughts, things that are top of mind for me in my conversations with my team and other engineering leaders

  • Life anecdotes and insights from all of the parts that make me, well, me. Might be thoughts about partnership, therapy, parenting, co-parenting, writing, and more.

  • Things I’ve been enjoying reading or doing lately.

  • And more? Who knows what else will emerge in this space!today

One of my dreams is to write full-time. If you ever feel inclined to support me with the equivalent of a pot of tea a month, consider upgrading to a paid subscription. I would so appreciate it.

Say hi — don’t be a stranger. Subscribe, leave comments, reply to emails, tell me a little about yourself. You can also find me on Twitter @jyhsu.

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Navigating the messiness of life with a career in startups. Musings on engineering leadership, teamwork, parenting, partnership, and creative self-expression.


Writer, startup VP of Engineering, leadership coach, mom of two. She/her